Coronavirus Wedding Cancellations

Coronavirus wedding cancellations
Coronavirus wedding, romantic or not?

We are all in the uncharted territory while dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic. We have no idea how long it is going to last. Coronavirus wedding cancellations, for some couples, seems like the only available option. It includes the wedding industry itself. While social distancing is one of the recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we, in the wedding industry, face a lot of challenges.

Thousands of couples around the globe and in the US left to make the tough decision to postpone or cancel their weddings. It hurts to even think about it — the impact on financial and psychological aspects of this matter for everyone involved. It is like planning a second wedding. How many hours were spend on planning this perfect day? How many invoices did you already pay? Not to mention small businesses that will be harmed. And the big question for everyone, including my dear couples, remains: what do we do now?

Elopement is an alternative to having your big Wedding now!

In my opinion, many couples are going to get married regardless of the current situation. Getting married and celebrating with a big reception are two different things now! At this point, all that matters are people we love!

I encourage you to look into agencies that provide intimate wedding ceremonies and ask them to do an HD live stream, so their friends and family can be a part of the big moment. This decision for many couples is an easy one because people’s health and safety are most important. My friends at Perfect Event Agency do just that for South Florida couples.

Elopement packages during the Covid-19

Besides, as a wedding photographer in South Florida, I offer special packages for couples to do a fashion bridal story. In case you had, for many reasons, cancel your grand celebration, elopement is an alternative to having your big wedding now. It is a great way to show your friends and family how strong your love is! And on the other hand, creating a beautiful bridal photoshoot only requites 3-4 people, including a couple, photographer, and possibly an assistant. So it fits the social distancing rules. And by the way, did I mention I have an n95 mask? 

Check available packages here and reach out to us if you have any questions. We can do an elopement shoot with you now and celebrate your reception later. So your coronavirus wedding cancellation does not have to be too stressful! Many vendors are open to cooperation, including me! Just be mindful of each other, be empathetic, and believe in true love! Here are more tips from on how to deal with this situation if your wedding is coming up! 

Coronavirus wedding cancellations