Family Photographer on Halloween!


Janae is one of my most creative and fashionable clients. She makes it easy to be a Family photographer. This time we planed a Halloween photoshoot. They decide to be The Flintstone Family this year. If you remember, it is an American animated sitcom that was released in 1960. Oh, I loved watching those cartoons as a kid. And I certainly watched it again after the photoshoot. However, back to my family! It was a perfect theme for them, and little Devanni was an ideal match for Pebbles. Do you remember the rest of the names for cartoon characters? Here they are: Janae dressed up like Wilma. Her husband, Lawrance, posed as Fred. And their best friend, Monica, took the role of Betty. Look at all the small details they thought through for this perfect photoshoot. I wonder who am I doing to shoot for next year’s Halloween? 🙂 Any ideas? 

After we were done with the Flinstones theme, Janae had planned a few Halloween themed sets for Devanni. Her first Halloween photos came out perfect. By the way, all those pumpkin decorations were handmade. And let me tell you, I am not the only one who liked it on set. It was almost impossible to get Devanni to look at the camera! She was all over the place, so interested in exploring her surroundings. Any Family photographer knows it does not get simpler when kids are as little as Devanni.

If you got inspired looking at these photos, let’s plan a perfect photoshoot for your family and your little one! Contact us if you are looking for a family photographer in South Florida, and we will do our best to assist you through the journey.

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halloween family photography ideas
halloween family photography ideas
halloween family photography ideas
halloween family photography ideas
halloween family photography ideas